Streetboard ?


Streetboarding is a board sport created in the early 90′ and is a mix of skateboarding and snowboarding. It borrows disciplines like street or half-pipe from the former and the aerial aspect from the latter.

The rider is bound to his articulated board, allowing him to pull insane flips and spings but leaving him no choice but committing to every move, not able to jog on when it all goes wrong.

The Event ?

The 26th edition of the World Streetboard Championship will take place in Nantes, France. On Saturday 24th August 2019, the best riders of the five continents will compete for the world title at the Le Hangar Skatepark.

During the competition, the cream of the crop will compete across four disciplines :

Organized by the Vertical Rider association, founded in 2004, and who set up the 2005 edition in Lyon (France), the event is both the pinnacle of the contest circuit featuring the best riders on earth and a festival of the extreme open to public.

On top of being able to watch these legends go head to head in battle, you will be able to experience the sport first hand with demonstrations, introductions and animations in to the streetboard family. This is street culture at its purest.



Skatepark Le Hangar
9 Allée des Vinaigriers
44300 Nantes, France

The After ?

The After Party will be held in a mythical place of the Nantes' rock scene, the one and only Scène Michelet.

During this evening you will enjoy :